We make characters of all themes, from all eras in history.

From Mob museums to Pumpkins patches, our characters have been used to educate and inform guests at many attractions around the world.

Educate your visitors with the use of our characters.

Enhance your place by using our characters set up with push buttons that trigger your character to move and speak pre-recorded messages that contain facts, jokes, or even songs that are relevant to the theme of your place.

Animation adds life to your educational display.

You can design your character any way that you’d like. Adding movements such as eye, head, arm, sign waving, and breathing may be added to enhance your character. If you want your character to be static, that’s fine too!

Customize your character in these easy steps

All of our museum and education characters are made to order. Follow the steps below to build your ideal character.

Depending on what you want your character to do, all steps are not mandatory (i.e. if you want a static character, steps 4-7 are not necessary).


Choose face

Select a head and specify facial features (hair color, facial hair style, etc.)


Choose costume

Specify what style or time period outfit your character will be dressed in..


Choose sitting or standing

Decide whether your character will be sitting or standing


Add movement and talking

Decide if you want your character to move or talk. If so, decide which movements you would like to add: arm, head, eyes, sign waving, etc.


Add messages

Decide if you would like professional messages recorded for your character or if you want to record your own


Add audio components

If your character will talk, decide if you need to add a digital audio player to your order, a wireless microphone, and/or relay to turn on movement when message starts


Add activation features

Decide if you will need additional components such as a coin operated box, push buttons (up to eight) , a pressure sensitive floor mat, motion activation, timer to stop and start movements, etc.

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We have made a variety of museum and educational character displays.

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