What Our Customers Say

Our characters help make your place an attraction! Don’t just take our word for it, though. Check out what our customers are saying about us in the testimonials below.

Salty's Man in Rain Suite

Sea Captain

Water proof for outdoor work

“Although I have only had my character just a year, I feel that it has payed for itself in the number of customers that stop to see and take their picture with the Captain.”

Captain Neal Murphy
C&S Enterprises of Brevard, Inc.
Cape Canaveral, FL

Zoltar Fortune Teller Fortune Telling Machine

Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine

New Fortune Cards!

“Hey Gentleman,

So, I thought you said this Zoltar dude would do well?

Come on man, $266.00 in 8 days in the off season, with one weekend. What a piece of crap! Just letting you know it’s going to be as awesome as I thought it would.”

Kite Connection
Huntington Beach

Penelope Pumpkin

Multi button control

“This is Penelope Pumpkin, we purchased her in 2011 and she is at the entrance to our farm and greets people upon their arrival. I am very impressed with Characters Unlimited. The ease in setting up the talking part of the pumpkin was wonderful. We have had many wonderful comments about this addition to our festival.”

Debbie Sebolt
Lessons, Boarding, Training
North Lawrence, Ohio 44666

Moose Wall Mount

Cabaoose The Moose

As seen on TV

“Just thought that you might enjoy seeing one of the commercials that we have featuring the Moose we bought from you. His name is Caboose and he has become quite the celebrity. He greets everyone coming into the showroom. We give out little stuffed moose to everyone and he has special messages for holidays, events etc. My wife thought the money I spent was wasted…..even she now admits it was one of the best investments ever. We have families who stop by to have their kids pictures taken with the “TV Star Moose”. Thanks for your great product.

We had used a real moose trophy in some ads for years and bought one of your animated animals at the NADA show in Las Vegas. Since then we have used him in our shoots and had a contest to name him. Caboose was the winner. He always is happy go greet people coming in from our service drive. Every year we have a new “moose” themed giveaway for parades and we even use him in our radio commercials. Caboose has really helped brand our dealership image and make us stand out from the crowd.”

Brad Joseph, General Manager
Oliver C. Joseph, Inc.
Belleville, IL

Zoltar Fortune Teller Fortune Telling Machine

Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine

New Fortune Cards!

“We are very satisfied with the deluxe Zoltar fortune telling machine you sold us. As you know, we were thinking about purchasing Zoltar for several years before actually ordering one. We have a high foot-traffic location and in the three months since delivery, it has almost paid for itself. Our machine has been trouble-free so far and we have every reason to expect it will remain so. It is certainly a conversation piece and we believe it is an asset to our store. In retrospect, I wish we had purchased Zoltar earlier.”

Cecil’s Market
Lake Tahoe

Horse Wall Mount

Horse Head

Helps sell horse trailers

“Customers call us regularly wanting to know if we are the trailer dealer with the horsehead. They may not remember our name, but they sure do remember the horse head!”

Alex Von Pichl
Truck Trails
Franktown, CO

Standing Cow and Cow Wall Mount


Red Head Cow

It’s hard to believe that it has been over 2 years since “Gabby” , our talking cow, was born. We are just completing our 3rd season, and he has been a huge hit with the customers and children. We even added some life size cow statues in our field to keep him company.”

Denise Fredette
Frates Drive-In
Taunton, MA

Cowboy Shoeshine


Welcome to Lil' Shoppe of Leather

“We would like to say “Thank You” for turning us on to your characters. Over the past 4 years we have purchased three characters from you who are placed outside each of our three locations. Not only have they helped increase our traffic flow into our stores but they have become staples in the areas where our stores are located. Customers come back year after year and comment on how much they enjoy our characters and stores. We would not consider opening another store without purchasing a character to put in it.”

Lee & Judy Tubbs, Owners
Lil’ Shoppe of Leather, Inc.
Branson, MO

Mills Fleet Farm

Characters at work!

Characters Unlimited’s pieces also drive business at Mills Fleet Farm, a hardware and housewares chain in the Midwest. The company has Characters Unlimited dolls in 27 of its 30 stores. The grandfatherly figures point customers toward special deals and inform them of services available at Mills Fleet Farm. The characters cost $3,000 each, but Mills Fleet Farm is recouping the expense by selling talking “advertising space” to manufacturers interested in delivering a targeted sales pitch to customers. “It’s positive for us because when customers walk up to (a figure), he says, ‘Hi.’ He acknowledges them,” said a Mills Fleet Farm manager… ‘It just cuts that barrier. It makes our stores feel a little more friendly and the customer feel more at ease. It has helped sales.” The manager said Mills Fleet Farm officials will add more Characters Unlimited products in the coming months. “(The dolls) have done everything Characters Unlimited promised,” he said. “Olaf has a good company. He keeps his promises and bends over backward to keep the relationship going. The whole experience has been wonderful.”…

Character in Car

Tourist Shop

Always at work!

“Attention for our booth is no longer a problem!”

“He has turned our ordinary “Tourist Shop” into an attraction.”

Dallas Dietrich
Ratttesnake Jake’s
Keystone, SD

Cowboy on Barrel


Dress up for all hoildays!

“We have had hundreds of customers come back month after month just to see Gabby.”

Ronald Whittaker
The Craft Cabin & Jewelry
Renfro Valley, KY.


“Ever since we purchased “Gabby” back in March of 1995, our sales have increased about 33%!”

Billy Lyle
Low Cost Marketing
Quartzsite, AZ


Animated with lighted globe

“On a crowded floor with a tremendous amount of competition for time and attention, our Wizard was one element of our booth design that helped tip the scales in our direction!”

Jim Eisenbeis
Dent Wizard International Corp.
St. Louis, MO


“I just want you to know how pleased we are with our animated wizard. He is a real traffic stopper in front of our store.”

Ken Veit
Cartoon Corner
Paradise Valley, AZ

Salty Gabby

Selling spas

“The best advertising/promotiona1 dollars we ever spent! He has increased our sales by at least 25% to 30%.”

Jeri & Larry Dyckman
JLD Unique Gifts
Bullhead City, AZ


“Gabby attracts customers of all ages and has been quite a popular attraction to both young and old.”

Mike Fontana
“Big Mike”
Mike’s Rock & Gift Shop
Park City, KY

Pappy and Polly

Remote sound system

“It’s something like Pappy that puts a smile on a customer’s face and we all know how important a happy customer is.”

Bruce Watfor
Silver Stream Farms
Richmond Hill, Ontario


“I’m no longer sure who is speaking through who but I do know that you should warn any perspective restaurant owners that they will be mobbed if they install a talking animal.”

Jamis MacNiven
Buck’s Restaurant
Woodside, CA


Always ready for a photo!

“Customers love the animation and come back to our store bringing their spouses, children, and friends. Of all the money we have spent on advertising in many years in business, your “character” is by far the best thing we have ever done! It has paid off many times over!”

Pat Adkins
Adkins Village Patio
Ruidoso, NM

Cowboy Band

Character Band

We play and talk together!

“The mike is absolutely hilarious. People have no idea where the voices are coming from. They get a real kick out of Woody.”

Dale & Andi Hall


“We have received many complimentary remarks about the professional look of our display, and I feel that much of that success was due to the dynamic presence your wonderful characters added to the exhibit.”

Linda Montoya
The Desert Inn
Las Vegas, NV

Piano Player

Play it again, Sam!

“We definitely recommend the Characters Unlimited “people” to anyone considering purchasing one. It is a worthy investment and a unique way to entertain customers.”

Dodie Hamilton
Sam’s Town
Robinsonville, SD

Man in Outhouse

Barney and Gabby

Shut the door please!

“As you know I watched you guys for three years without buying. That was a big mistake! We have many people come to The Outhouse just to see Barney.”

Peter Roberts
The Outhouse
Ronks, PA


“As you know being Texas Hot Stuff, we are continuously looking for “Hot” items to put into our store. Gabby in the Outhouse has definitely a “Hot” item for our store.”

Cynthia & Mary
Texas Hot Stuff
Ft. Worth, TX

Cowboy playing Guitar

Uncle Buck

Plays and sings music!

“I have no doubt that dollars have been added to sales as a result of Uncle Buck joining our sales staff.”

Kezl Hagood ,
Just For The Beach
Duck, NC


“It pays to advertise and believe us, Charlie has done more for us in this respect than you could ever possibly imagine.”

Bill Sudor
Landmark Place
Monessen, PA

Train Conductor and Prisoner

Sheriff and Bill

No job too small

“Many people send their friends while on vacation with instructions to “look for the store with the Sheriff”.”

Miss Kitty
Cowboy Corral
Sedona, AZ


“We have experienced double-digit growth since “Bill” has arrived and been a major contributor to that growth.”

Bill Amadon
Lena Farms
Gansevoort, NY



Welcome partner

“I love your characters. I’ve seen one on several occasions. Being the sucker for animatronics that I am; I couldn’t believe how reasonable your pricing is. The animated bands are a great idea. These are the types of characters that common folk need to get and operate. Pneumatics and hydraulics (although outstanding in animation quality and performance) are too high tech and high maintenance for most businesses who buy them and they wind up getting out of repair and in bad shape. These characters are something anybody could learn to care for and keep up. After all, most people who buy $100,000 pneumatic shows are lost when they hear the words “MAC valve” or the words “bi-phase mark”, or even talking about cylinder repair confuses some folks. Pneumatics also require constant care. Servo motors and mechanisms have evolved to the point they’re lower maintenance and that’s why I think the common folks should buy your characters! I’m an animatronics novice who is fascinated by air pneumatics mostly, but I still think your characters are neat!!”

Jonathan Woodliff
Van Buren, CA

Tropical Captain Male Character


Island Sea Captain!

“It pays to advertise and believe us, Charlie has done more for us in this respect than you could ever possibly imagine.”

Bill Sudor
Landmark Place
Monessen, PA


Sheriff Gabby

Selling shirts!

“I can’t tell you how many times people have bought shirts after stopping just to see Gabby.”

Jeffrey Higel
Unique Distributing, Inc.
Brandon, FL

Jingle and Jangle- The Elves

Jingle & Jangle: The Animatronic Elves

Hammering away at toys!

“I was looking for a way to add animated characters to our Christmas event. While attending an attraction show, I found Characters Unlimited. We purchased 3 Characters and they performed flawlessly nightly at our event. The plug and play design easily allowed me to give life to the displays. They clearly became one of our popular new exhibits and our guests  couldn’t stop praising the new additions. I’m already planning to purchase more characters for our next Christmas event.”

Scott Muhoberac
EB Recreation Dept
Metairie, LA