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We offer characters for as low as $495.00!
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Character's Unlimited, Inc. has hundreds of characters for you to choose from, including animated or static people, birds, animals, monsters, etc. Custom work is also available.

Character's Unlimited, Inc.'s life-sized, mechanically animated, talking characters have voice-activated jaws. Use your own recorded message or carry on a candid conversation with customers or guests using a wireless microphone. Movements such as eye, head, arm and breathing may also be added.

Character's Unlimited, Inc. also has over 140 faces from which to choose. If you don't see what you are looking for here, simply click on Free Catalog and one will be sent to you.

Our characters are the most convincingly real and competitively priced works of their kind... anywhere!

Sign Waving Characters!

The Ultimate Attention Getter!
The perfect employee,
no breaks, no wages.

Quick Change Signs

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Sign Waving Flyer

Character standing and holding sign.
Add on character sign waving movement.

Comes in 12 volt or 120 volt.

How about some cosmetic surgery for your character!
"We can rebuild him, we have the technology!"

Before Cosmetic surgery Before Cosmetic surgery


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