You will not find these anywhere else!

A more entertaining version of a classic penny machine, Character Penny machines are our latest invention. Our Character Penny machines are a cross between our fortune teller machine and a penny machine, only the customer gets a crushed penny instead of a fortune. Machines can be made to accept 51 cents or 1 dollar. If the machine is setup to take $1, the machine provides the penny via a hopper inside the machine.

How it works:

Once the user inserts the price of play, the character instructs the user to select 1 of the 4 custom penny press designs. The character then appears to actually be crushing the penny via a crank and high quality penny crusher inside the cabinet. Then, viola! The penny drops into the metal tray below. The customer gets a crushed penny and a little entertainment along the way.

The possibilities are endless…

Characters of any theme may be placed inside a character penny machine. Pirate’s Pennies, Pappy’s Pennies, and Monkey’s Pennies are just a few ideas of characters that can be inside the cabinet crushing a penny. What character will you come up with?


  • Character Penny machine: $12,900

Character Penny Machines are our very own design.

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