The classic fortune teller, reinvented

Characters Unlimited, Inc. has improved upon the classic fortune telling machine by incorporating low-maintenance animatronics, modern technologies, and excellent craftsmanship into a beautiful product that is built to entertain for decades to come.

We make fortune telling machines of many themes and styles. Every fortune teller is made-to-order and can be customized to your satisfaction.

Fortune telling machines are perfect to use as an attraction at your place, a revenue generating machine, or as a marketing or promotional tool. Fortune cards can be custom printed with your logo or promotion. Let us make your brand figurehead, mascot or store theme come to life with our custom fortune telling machines!

Select your fortune teller model

We have 3 Fortune Teller models and sizes for you to choose from.

The Standard Model

Starting at $8,800, our most popular fortune teller model includes the following:

  • Eye, Head (up & down), and Arm Movement (side to side over crystal ball)
  • Talking function with 16 different spoken messages
  • 2000 cards with 55 different fortunes
  • Fortune card dispenser and dollar bill acceptor
  • Lighted glass ball, jewelry, genie lamp, wooden flute, and various trinkets
  • Can be made to accept any currency, credit cards or free play
  • Measures: 77”h x 27”w x 25”d

Upgrade to the Deluxe Cabinet

At $9,400, our Deluxe model includes the same features as the Standard model however, the cabinet is larger and more lush.

  • Deluxe cabinet measurements: 77”h x 33”w x 28”d

The Economy Model

Starting at $7,300, our least expensive fortune teller machine includes:

  • Eye movement and talking function
  • Fortune Card dispenser
  • Lighted glass ball, jewelry, genie lamp, wooden flute, and various trinkets
  • 2000 cards with 55 different fortunes
  • Measures: 77”h x 24”w x 24”d

Customize your fortune teller in these easy steps

All of our fortune tellers are made to order. Follow the steps below to order your dream fortune telling machine.


Choose fortune teller theme/character

Pick from fortune tellers that we have made in the past or create your own.


Choose cabinet size & model

Select your fortune teller model: Deluxe, Standard, or Economy


Choose cabinet stain or paint

Specify the stain or paint color you would like on your fortune teller cabinet.


Add wheels

Specify whether your machine needs to be on wheels or not


Add messages

Decide if you want custom messages for your machine and if you want to add a wireless microphone to speak live through the fortune teller.


Choose activation

Specify if your machine will need to take coins, paper money, or just a free play button


Select fortune cards

Decide whether you will need custom fortune cards made or if you will use cards that we always have in stock (each machine includes 2,000 of these).



Decide if you will need additional features like an attract message, a wireless microphone, motion activation, a travel case, an additional lock, etc.

View Complete Pricing and Options

We have made a variety of fortune telling machines.

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