We make animals to enhance any theme or attraction.

Our adult and baby sized animatronic animals add a fun, interactive element to your place that visitors will never forget! Many of our customers have said that spending money on our characters is “the best advertising money that [they] have ever spent”. Get started on your dream project with us today!

Our animals can talk.

Our life-sized, mechanically animated, talking animals have voice-activated jaws. Use your own recorded message, have our professionals record custom messages for you, or carry on a candid conversation with customers or guests using a wireless microphone. If you have more than one character, they can be made to have a pre-recorded conversations with each other.

Animation brings our animals to life.

Adding movements enhances the life-like appearance of your Characters Unlimited animal. Movements such as eye, head, arm, tail, wing, ear, blinking, and breathing may be added. If you would like a static animal, we can make those too!

Customize your animal in these easy steps

All of our animals are made to order. Follow the steps below to build your ideal character.

Depending on what you want your character to do, all steps are not mandatory (i.e. if you want a static animal, steps 2-5 are not necessary).


Choose Animal

Decide what type of animal you want. We can make any type!


Add movement and talking

Decide if you want your animal to move or talk. If so, decide which movements you would like to add: head, tail, ears, eye or blinking, bending at hip, talking, etc.


Add messages

Decide if you would like professional messages recorded for your animal or if you want to record your own.


Add audio components

If your character will talk, decide if you need to add a digital audio player to your order, a wireless microphone, and/or relay to turn on movement when message starts.


Add activation features

Decide if you will need additional components such as a coin operated box, push buttons (up to eight), a pressure sensitive floor mat, motion activation, timer to stop and start movements, etc.

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