Our Quality

All of our products are proudly made to order and handcrafted in the USA by a team of hardworking artist. Our entire team cares about creating a quality product for you and we like to think that shows in our finished products.

Built to Last

We take pride in creating a quality and reliable product for you to enjoy for years to come. All of our products include a one-year warranty. We have dozens of customers who purchased our products 20+ years ago and still use them in their place to this day.


The technology in our characters is quite simple and easy to use. Our products are very reliable and while repairs are seldomly needed, they are inexpensive to repair. If you ever need technical support, give our tech support line a call at (702) 307-1542 and they can help you figure out what could be wrong.


If years go by after purchasing your character, and it looks like it’s time for a face lift, send it in and we will refurbish the character through our refurbishing services. We can have your character looking as good as new with, depending on what shape your character is in, fresh head or hand paint, new wig/facial hair, a change of clothes, body repadding, etc