5 Ways Our Characters Enhance the Experience of your Visitors

April 24, 2017   •   In News   •   By Characters Unlimited

Whether your place is a museum, candy store, pumpkin patch, gift shop, or amusement park, adding our characters to your attraction can enhance the experience of your visitors. Our slogan has always been “Our Characters Make Your Place an Attraction” and, after 30 years, that slogan still holds true. Read on to discover just 5 of the ways our characters can help create an experience at your place that visitors will never forget.

1. They create an impressive display

Imagine a holiday display with elves hammering away at toys or a talking pumpkin that informs guests at your pumpkin patch. Our characters not only entertain your guests but they create an impressive, professional display.

“We have received many complimentary remarks about the professional look of our display, and I feel that much of that success was due to the dynamic presence your wonderful characters added to the exhibit.” -Linda Montoya, The Desert Inn, Las Vegas, NV

2. They give them something to write home or to facebook about.

What do you do when you are on vacation and find something that is out of the ordinary, funny or just really cool? If you are like many of the 1,870 million active Facebook users, there is a good chance that you are going to post a photo of it to social media, tag where you are, and create some sort of buzz for all your followers to see.

Think about the kind of exposure and buzz that would surround your business if you had a custom fortune teller, talking man/woman, or even a talking tree at your place! You don’t have to take our word it, just look up the #Zoltar on instagram or twitter to see the kind of buzz that our products create.

3. They entertain and inform your visitors

Is there something that you want your visitors to be informed of? Maybe it is instructions as to how your corn maze works or the latest t-shirt specials in your gift shop. You can record your own messages for characters or have our trusted professional voice talent record impressive and entertaining messages for your character(s). Whatever the message, our characters are a great way to capture the attention of your visitors and tell them what you want them to hear.

4. They engage visitors with interactive push buttons

Add an interactive element to your characters and display by using push buttons. Push buttons allow your visitors to interact with your display by selecting which message they would like to hear your character speak. Messages can range from facts about your museum, farm or shop to simply some funny jokes.

Talking Pumpkin at a farm with push buttons

5. They get a reaction out of your visitor

Evoke a reaction out of your visitors with our characters. Professionally recorded messages can create a serious, friendly, or even spooky tone, depending on your goal and the nature of your place.
Using a wireless microphone through our character is another great way to grab the attention of your guests. The character’s jaw synchronizes with every word that you speak through the microphone. You can spark a conversation with your guests by having the character wear a microphone, allowing you to hear what the visitor is saying back. Both kids and adults have fun interacting with our characters!

“The mic is absolutely hilarious. People have no idea where the voices are coming from. They get a real kick out of Woody.” – Dale & Andi Hall

There are many ways in which our characters can liven up your place and create a memorable experience for your guests. Contact us to see what interactive element we can add to your place! We are only limited by your imagination.