Zoltar NFT – Limited *DIGITAL CODE*


Experience NFT’s in a new way! Though these are digital codes, Zoltar will still be printing your UID.

Once purchasing your code, you will be emailed a UID along with instructions on how to claim your code.

All codes are redeemed through Chronicle.io – Here

**Each claim code provides a different NFT – each NFT is different.

28 in stock

Partnering with Characters Unlimited, Chronicle has created the world’s first set of Zoltar “fortune” NFTs. Utilizing Characters Unlimited’s traditional fortune telling machines, users hear Zoltar speak about the new world of web3 and receive their fortune ticket with a unique code to redeem their NFT on chronicle.io. Launching at Fergusons Downtown during the Life is Beautiful music festival, Chronicle Studio has created 2,000 unique Zoltar fortune NFTs, with 50 limited edition Vegas collectibles to find within the collection giving users a 1 in 40 chance to redeem.

Together, Chronicle and Characters Unlimited have created a unique “print before you mint” concept, allowing users to enjoy a physical experience with Zoltar before minting their NFT on the blockchain.

Chronicle is a next-generation digital collectables marketplace and wallet, featuring officially licensed digital collectables, more commonly known as NFTs. Chronicle makes it easy for anyone to buy, sell, trade, and gift authenticated digital collectables directly licensed from the world’s leading brands.

As a company Chronicle has made the decision to utilize blockchain networks that are environmentally aware and not driven on high-energy “Proof of Work” systems. It is focused on using technical partners and solutions that are “Proof of Stake” driven and committed to reducing their carbon footprint.