“For A Good Time… Open the Door!”

Man in Outhouse is our very own creation. Man in outhouse features our hand crafted, talking, animatronic character sitting in a rustic wooden outhouse. “For a good time…open the door” reads a wooden sign on the outhouse. Visitors open the door to see the character sitting on the pot, reading a magazine, and telling a joke or two. It’s good, old-fashioned fun for all!

Free play, Coin or Dollar Bill Acceptor

Man in Outhouse can be configured for free play, 50 cents, or 1 dollar. Other currencies available upon request.

Magnetic closure

If your Man in Outhouse will be set up to take money, a heavy-duty magnet door lock is attached to the door so it is virtually impossible for visitors to open without inserting money. Once money is inserted, the magnet releases and the visitor is able to open the door to see the character and hear what he has to say.

Man in Outhouse Includes:

  • A character of your choice (Pirate, Ol’miner, Cowboy, you name it!)
  • Talking, head and eye moving side to side
  • A durable knotty pine Outhouse
  • Interior light that turns on when door opens
  • SD unit with motion attract and relay


  • Price for Free Play: $5,400
  • Price for Coins or tokens: $5,800
    • Includes coin mechanism with coin box
  • Price for Dollars: $6,200
    • Includes all of the above plus a locking metal enclosure with dollar bill acceptor

We have made a variety of Man in Outhouse characters.

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